「QuanAnTam」Original Seasoning Set

¥2,800 (税込)

This set includes Vietnamese spicy seasonings, dressings popular in restaurants, and dipping sauces used to season the most popular dishes. You can enjoy the taste of Vietnamese home cooking at home.
※Customers who come to Quan An tam can purchase individual items.

① 【All-purpose spicy oil】
This spicy seasoning is rich in lemongrass and is not too spicy.
It can be used for anything from stir-fries to noodles to condiments for one-pot dishes.

② 【All-purpose addictive vegetable sauce】
We responded to the request of customers who came to the restaurant and said, “I want the dressing that goes on that salad” when they left!

③ 【Umazuke sauce(For marinating raw meat)】
「QuanAnTam」This is the dipping sauce for the most popular menu item, spare ribs.
With this, you can easily enjoy the most popular flavor of “Kwang Ang Tam” at home.

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